The African Conservation Foundation (ACF) is working to preserve Africa’s wild heritage by conducting field projects as well as supporting and linking conservation initiatives throughout the continent. Currently we are conducting field projects, including environmental education for schoolchildren, tree planting and forest conservation, great ape (gorilla and chimpanzee) conservation, and protected area management. Through our field projects and educational activities, we are a catalyst for sustainable community development, environmental awareness and biodiversity conservation throughout Africa.

The Environmental and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) pursues the dual objective of conserving wildlife and protecting fragile enivronments in Cameroon. Founded and based locally in the small town of Menji in Western Cameroon, ERuDeF has established itself as an indigenious source of conservation expertise in both the montane and critically important rainforest biomes.

The Cross River Gorilla Campaign is a collaborative effort to raise awareness and funds for the conservation of the Cross River gorilla, Africa’s most endangered great ape.

A special thanks to Marisa Loach (writing/editing), Katharina Thelen-Lässer & Kristina Stuempges (German translations), Nathalie Chaudun and Virginie Lochou (French translation) and Maria Adela Troitiño de Bertona (Spanish translation) for their vital contributions to this website. 

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