Help Save Africa's Most Endangered Great Ape!


Donations are a vital way to support our rangers and the local communities in their work to protect the Cross River Gorillas.

Support is urgently needed for our projects, including the creation of new great ape reserves, protecting Cross River gorillas, as well as chimpanzees, drill monkeys, forest elephants and other endangered species.


How your donation is used

Your donation will go to field conservation activities, including:

  • Developing new protected areas;
  • Anti-poaching (converting poachers to conservationists);
  • Gorilla surveys and monitoring;
  • Rainforest habitat protection;
  • Development of income generating opportunities for local communities; and
  • Education for local villagers and schoolchildren.

Our focus on results on the ground means that 100% of donations received are used for Cross River Gorilla conservation. We do not maintain expenses offices overseas and do not deduct fees for organisation overhead.