World premiere of a high-realist portrait of the Cross River gorilla

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Vancouver, BC, Canada – The first ever painting of a Cross River gorilla, Africa’s most endangered primate, will be unveiled to the public for the first time on 19 October 2008, at the Mountain View Conservation and Breeding Centre, in Langley, BC, Canada.


Nigeria, Cameroon Cooperate to Save Most Endangered Ape

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New York - With just 300 individuals left in the wild, Cross River gorillas have found new conservation support from the governments of Cameroon and Nigeria, the only two countries where these great apes live.


ERuDeF: Eight Gorilla Skulls Discovered in Batibo

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A team of Environment and Rural Development Foundation, ERUDEF, conservationists recently discovered eight gorilla skulls in Batibo, Momo Division, Northwest Province.


B.C. couple on mission to save endangered gorilla band

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The gorilla stares out searchingly, a slight quiver on its lip, as it folds its fingers and holds its own hands. The image is strikingly real. But it's also a painting. Coquitlam resident Daniel Taylor worked for months, painstakingly recreating the critically threatened primate he encountered in Cameroon last year.


World's Rarest Gorilla Finds Sanctuary

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The government of Cameroon, with guidance from the Wildlife Conservation Society‚ has created the world's first sanctuary exclusively for the Cross River gorilla, the world's rarest kind of great ape. The Kagwene Gorilla Sanctuary was officially created by decree of the Prime Minister of Cameroon Ephraim Inoni and was announced via state radio.

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