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What is our misson?

We are commited to working with poverty stricken communities saving the critically endangered Cross River Gorillas from extinction.

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How can you get involved?

There are many ways to help out. You can join us on an expedition and help out first hand. Volunteer in the rainforest of Cameroon, make an online donation, or raise funds for gorillas in your country. 


Land of the Cross River Gorilla

Early morning in the heart of the Lebialem Highlands. Greatest threats are the loss of habitat due to the conversion to farmlands and hunting for bushmeat.

Conservation Education

Conservation Education

Education and awareness raising among the local schoolchildren and villagers is key to sustainable co-existence and development options based on natural resources.

Cross River Gorilla Painting

Buy a Print of 'Nyango'! 

First ever painting of a Cross River Gorilla.  100% of the funds raised will be used for field projects in South West Cameroon

N yango Baby Cross River Gorilla

Rescue of Nyango! 


Rarest of All Apes


The Cross River Gorilla, with fewer than 300 individuals estimated to exist in the wild, and just a single identified member in captivity, is the most threatened of the gorilla subspecies, listed by IUCN as critically endangered.
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Art Saving Gorillas

kid 2

World premiere! First ever painting of a Cross River Gorilla - Africa's most elusive and endangered great ape. Buy this unique fine art print of renowned wildlife artist Daniel Taylor and contribute to conservation.
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Greatest Threats NEW!

Bushmeat Trade

There is a large trade in bushmeat throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Despite their legal protection, gorillas have been killed on occasion, but even if they are not the target, gorillas may be accidentally injured in

Gorilla Killings
2007- Villagers in Bumaji, near the Cross River State Park acknowledged that there had been two gorilla killings in the last five years, apparently as a result of farmers and women collecting bus
Wednesday December 24, 2008
Habitat Loss

Major threats to the survival of the Cross River Gorilla are habitat loss and fragmentation, hunting, and disease. Gorillas, when caught as infants, have also been traded as pets. (13)

There are few record

Wednesday December 24, 2008

Cross River Gorilla News

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75,000 people call on Cameroon government to establish new Cross River Gorilla reserves

11-03-2014 Hits:886

75,000 people call on Cameroon government to establish new Cross River Gorilla reserves

Nearly 75,000 people have signed a petition started by the African Conservation Foundation to support the establishment of a Cross River gorilla reserve in Cameroon. People from around the world expressed their concerns about the protected status of these critically endangered great apes. On the first of March 2013, the conservation community...

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New Conservation Complex Will Protect Critically Endangered Cross River Gorillas in the Cameroon Highlands

25-06-2013 Hits:1755

New Conservation Complex Will Protect Critically Endangered Cross River Gorillas in the Cameroon Highlands

In Cameroon, populations of Cross River gorillas can be found in the Lebialem Highlands: a biodiversity hotspot in one of the wettest places on earth. A new cluster of protected areas will protect Cross River Gorillas and an important watershed for the benefit of all Cameroonians. Estimates on the number of...

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Cross River Gorilla Silverback Slaughtered in Cameroon

24-03-2013 Hits:2594

Cross River Gorilla Silverback Slaughtered in Cameroon

A male Cross River Gorilla has been shot earlier this month in the Lebialem Highlands near Pinyin in the Santa Sub Division of North West Cameroon. The presence of this silverback gorilla was reported by a local teacher who was going to her farm very early in the morning on March...

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Rare Video of Cross River Gorillas in Cameroon

09-05-2012 Hits:3255

Conservationists working in Cameroon's Kagwene Gorilla Sanctuary have collected the first camera trap video footage of the Cross River gorilla. The extremely rare recording was made by a camera triggered by motion sensors. You can see the silverback male gorilla running through the group, displaying chest beating. Researchers of WCS suggest he...

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Cameroon: Environmental Education leaves classrooms

15-03-2012 Hits:2779

Cameroon: Environmental Education leaves classrooms

Environmental clubs of schools in Mak-Betchou and the Tofala areas made their mark in the celebrations of February 11, 2012 activities which had as theme 'Youths and participation in Major accomplishment for an emerging Cameroon'. As part of the programme, the different clubs marched with placards and banners carrying varied environmental...

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Satellite Study Reveals Critical Habitat and Corridors for World’s Rarest Gorilla

02-02-2012 Hits:2838

Conservationists working in Central Africa to save the world's rarest gorilla have good news: the Cross River gorilla has more suitable habitat than previously thought, including vital corridors that, if protected, can help the great apes move between sites in search of mates, according to the North Carolina Zoo, the...

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